A Combined Strategic Approach

We use the points outlined below to review your current online & offline marketing to create an upgraded approach that is custom to your business needs and goals.

Track Your Visitors
Most visitors (especially repeat visitors) either want to purchase a product you have or engage your site in another way. Does your website invite them in? Is it easy for them to use?

Analytics & Demographics
Are you informed about who is visiting your website? Their age, gender, industry, and more?

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
Based on your defined demographics, are you reaching the correct target audience? (see FAQ)

Engage with Social Media
Do you reinforce your SEM & SEO with Social Media? Do you keep your customers informed and engaged?

Market your Brand
Does your website reflect your brand and explain who you are and what you do?

Know the True Return on your Investment
Do you know your ROI? The truth is, most companies or organizations have no idea the true cost of their complete web presence.

Unsure of your answers?

We'd be happy to set up a consultation call to get to know you and your business better, and help you maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.