Why Choose Linked Commerce?

What sets us apart from other web consultants? The answer is a combined strategic approach. At Linked Commerce, we understand that all the pieces need to work together – they are all linked.

Our Philosophy

We named our company ‘Linked Commerce’ for a reason. A lot of people are spreading themselves out over the different avenues of the web, but are they doing it cohesively? Or efficiently? That’s where we come in. We want to help you recognize what your goals are, how to reach them, and what tools are at your disposal. We will help you unify your online presence, which will in turn strengthen it.

Web Presence

Most visitors (especially repeat visitors) either want to purchase a product you have or engage your site in another way.

Why Us?

Linked Commerce was born out of recognizing that some websites just need a helping hand to realize their full potential.


Are you informed about who is visiting your website? With proper analytical tools and analysis, you can discover the best ways to target customers.


Your online presence should totally reflect your brand.

Social Media

Engage with Social Media to grow your audience and increase website traffic.

Non-Profit Gifting for Schools, Organizations and More!

Your partner in donation growth.

We work with your custom organization

We make gifting and payments easy for you and your users, and allow you to take credit card processing on the road for special events and fundraisers.

Host yourself or with us

We can include our custom solution on your current site, or build you a site hosted on our secure servers.

Turn-key setup

We set up multiple payment options and the PCI Compliant Credit Card Processor and teach you how to use it all.